Meet our Cats

Tookie is Swedish for "crazy".  She was our first cat and just full of herself. July 4, 1996 a mother cat that wandered our neighborhood dropped off four kittens to us.  We were able to place three.  Tookie stayed on. Over the years the next four cats were introduced to Tookie as kittens and she took them all in graciously.  Tookie's favorite activity is watching wildlife on TV.
Karma flew home with us from an April 1998 birding trip to Texas. At the El Canelo Ranch she met and made up to Sharon right away.  She escaped into the parking lot at Corpus Christi airport but Sharon talked her out from under a car at the very last second that we had to make our flight. As a kitten she had very good table manners (left).


Thanksgiving day 1998 Murphy, our yellow lab, would not come up out of the ravine behind the house.  She always came when called.  Upon investigation we found that she was protecting a skinny long-haired kitten whom she would not leave.  This was the only kitten we know of from that litter.  Punkin came to think that Murphy was her mother, slept with her, and learned some dog behaviors from her (such as begging at the table).  Punkin is very bright and this sometimes gets her into trouble.  She enjoyed climbing the Christmas tree so much we had to put it on the porch.  At right she is reclining in the cat grass.

Binky was the runt of a July 1999 litter that had only two survivors,  she and Buffy.  We captured Binky right away but she  was so small we gave her back to her mother for another two weeks.  She has been shy and nervous but has come a long way in her relationships with both people and the bigger cats.  She is a guaranteed laugh every day. Left is the very first digital photo we ever took, Christmas of 1999.  Bink is a rare orange tabby female.
Buffy was the bigger of the litter of two.  She is now the biggest cat in the house.  On the Friday afternoon that she was captured from the wild Sharon and Murphy chased her around the hostas for about two hours until she just plain collapsed and gave up.  Because of this traumatic beginning she was deathly afraid of people for the first year.  She has now overcome  that fear and has become a wonderfully docile pet, much like her mother.  She was named by our vet.


I could not resist experimenting with our first digital picture. 
This is Binky all aglow.